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What We Do

We have some world-class solutions aimed at optimising your IT. Our specialisation is supporting businesses within Creative, Media & Retail . We combine excellent onsite support with cutting edge cloud technologies that will take your business to the next level. Scroll through to see our suite of services and products.

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Createchs Mac and Desktop Support

We Love Mac and we’ll make sure yours are up to the job. With over 20 years of experience in supporting the Creative & Media industry. We’ll make certain all of your hardware purr’s along nicely.

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Cloud Controlled Network

Our Cloud Network Controllers let you see exactly what’s connected to your network and because they’re cloud controlled, all the latest virus threats are patched continually, keeping your data safe from outside threats.

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Servers, Storage and Cloud

You need a quick and accessible server for files. Or you have lots of data, video and never enough storage space, we can help.

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Cloud Hosted Exchange email

Fast and responsive email, with huge mailbox storage between 25GB & 50GB. You can access from any device or multiple devices for only a few pounds per user, per month.

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Super Fast Internet

To get the very best from your in-house technology and cloud services you need fast and dedicated internet. Prices are falling on leased lines and we can help.

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Telecoms and Mobile

You need to be available both in an out of the office and we’ll help you find a solution that will keep you accessible to clients and your teams connected.

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Mobile Device Management

Mobile device management has become increasingly important. Why? Because often they have full access to your network and are now considered a greater security threat than most desktop and laptops.

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Managed Print Services

Why managed print? Because print can be costly, time consuming and very frustrating when it doesn’t work, just moments before that pitch or final draft, as is often the case.

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Moves & Migrations

Moving Office is as stressful as moving home, there is lots to consider before taking on a new space.

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Recycling Equipment

We offer a free IT recycling service for our London clients which gives them the chance to remove unwanted equipment, with the comfort that some will be donated to good causes and charities.

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Who We Are

We are a team of multi skilled consultants who’ve spent a long time working in Creative Media & Retail. We’re always looking at the best deal for our clients and we only charge for our time. We don’t tie you into long or unnecessary support contracts or have loyalty to one supplier.

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Who We Are

We use the best tech at the best price and the cost benefits are passed directly to you. We’re continually evaluating new technologies and partners. And because we’re evolving like the technology, we’re certain we can improve your end user experience and bring a positive change to your IT.

Who We Are

We charge a reasonable hour or day rate and always aim to impress with what we can do. We hope you chose to partner with us and would love the chance to meet you in your space. Please give us a call to find out how we can help your business reach the next level.


Apple Mac is at the heart of Man Bites Dog’s IT strategy. We really value Createchs’ specialist expertise and hands-on support. The team really understand the needs of marketing agencies and their clients and have been invaluable trusted advisors in our deployment of a range of innovative technologies.

Claire Mason MD / Founder : Man Bites Dog


I’m constantly amazed how there is nothing Createch’s can’t resolve – from losing vital files to moving offices, the team have always delivered for me. Personally, I particularly value their calm and friendly manner putting us at ease when an IT crisis hits – only to be recovered by Createch’s in the blink of an eye.
I would certainly recommend them as an extended member of any creative team – They are IT wizards!

Gerrie Smith – Managing Director : Honour Branding


We’d suffered patchy IT support previously but Createch’s quickly identified the issues that were causing us headaches and were able to make the changes needed.
We have quick and reliable services now and any real problems are very seldom with their advice and intervention.

Jason Smith – Founder/ Creative Director : Fontsmith


We had struggled with our IT, but thankfully Createchs have changed that. They’ve helped with everything and anything and our current systems work better than we ever dared hope for. They provide a positive, helpful service and really take care of us on every level. They now seem to be part of our team. Thank you Jon and the Createchs team.

Alice Daunt – Founder/Director : Daunt Travel

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How secure are your business assets

We continue to see stories of high-profile companies, individuals and government info being hacked and sold to either the highest bidder or flooded out there on to the internet for anyone to have a gander. Cyber security is very topical, you read about it on a daily basis. But your most critical security should start […]
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Does your Internet speed cut it

Does your Internet speed cut it or as with many new businesses we assist these days ; Speed & Reliability is a continual bug bear for many and completely debilitating for others. In a lot of cases the client was at the mercy of the local exchange in terms of what speed was available to them and in others they just […]
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