Smart Networks – For Retail Environments

Smart Networks –That build brand loyalty, gauge customer footfall & shopping trends.


Network technology has come a long way in recent years and you can have a smart network at a relatively low cost. Every business has a network, whether it’s cabled, wifi or a combination, but are you getting enough from yours? What, if you could tell exactly when and who was connected to your network at any given moment in time?


It might be that you want to know more about how employees are using specific technology or software, maybe to find out what or who is using up bandwidth at certain times of the day? Maybe certain websites are hogging the speed and you want to limit access or throttle how much can be used.

You can have solid and reliable wireless internet that has the ability to mesh and selfheal. When one access point has a problem, connectivity will switch to the other or simply share the load at busy periods of a day. Meaning far better reliability and less likelihood of slowdown.


In another scenario, you might have a wireless network open for free public access at a group of stores, hotels, restaurants, or live events.

You might want to allow anyone access to that network via your Facebook splash page giving you instant visibility to large audiences from people simply checking in. Maybe you already have a large Facebook following and want to promote events or offers and gauge customer response?


We know that nearly everyone under the age of 60 is carrying a smart internet enabled device or 2 these days. And every one of these devices has a unique Mac address. Which means that every time one of these registers with your wireless access points, you can tell how long an individual spent in your space and whether they are repeat customer and how often. Facebook will tell you who the customer is and the demographic. It’s powerful information, that’s free for you to use.


If you’re having problems with your network or you are thinking about upgrading your equipment. You really need to consider a smarter network. Please send us an email or give us a call us to find out what we can do.


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