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Smart Networks – For Retail Environments

Smart Networks –That build brand loyalty, gauge customer footfall & shopping trends.   Network technology has come a long way in recent years and you can have a smart network at a relatively low cost. Every business has a network, whether it’s cabled, wifi or a combination, but are you getting enough from yours? What, […]
By : Createchs Admin | Dec 7, 2016

Is your information completely safe in the cloud?

The most truthful answer is no. Nothing is completely secure when the object has a price tag, whether that be in the currency of pounds, dollars, bitcoin or hacking kudos. But was there ever a lock that was completely impenetrable or a piece of software that wasn’t in some way exploited ? I read in […]
By : Createchs Admin | Nov 23, 2016

How secure are your business assets

We continue to see stories of high-profile companies, individuals and government info being hacked and sold to either the highest bidder or flooded out there on to the internet for anyone to have a gander. Cyber security is very topical, you read about it on a daily basis. But your most critical security should start […]
By : Createchs Admin | Nov 9, 2016

Does your Internet speed cut it

Does your Internet speed cut it or as with many new businesses we assist these days ; Speed & Reliability is a continual bug bear for many and completely debilitating for others. In a lot of cases the client was at the mercy of the local exchange in terms of what speed was available to them and in others they just […]
By : Createchs Admin | Nov 6, 2016