How secure are your business assets

We continue to see stories of high-profile companies, individuals and government info being hacked and sold to either the highest bidder or flooded out there on to the internet for anyone to have a gander.

Cyber security is very topical, you read about it on a daily basis. But your most critical security should start from within.  As many SME’s assets in a digital age or literally the entire business is sitting on a hard drive somewhere in the office or in the cloud and without them there would be no business.

I read an article a few years back that claimed that 95% of all business’s that lose their company data, (whether that’s from a fire, a broken hard drive or corruption from virus) are insolvent with a year! Which is terrifying statistic, but how true I really can’t say?

But it got me thinking, as a result – backing up business’s data is number one on the list of priorities, whenever we take on a new client. Because without the data there’s no client.

We always back – up twice, well 3 times if you include versioning to capture all those small changes.
There’s a local back-up, a cloud back-up and the changes.

Below are a few tips to ensuring your business is not one of those statics.

• Firstly, make sure that your IT contractor or MSP is backing up your data every day. But also that they are checking that the data has backed up without error on a daily basis.

• Also make sure that they regularly test retrieving at least a few snapshots of that data to ensure that its not in anyway corrupted.

• Make certain they have a recovery plan, should your server or hard drives die or corrupt. How soon could you be up and running? Or at least have access to the most current or important files.

• Finally make sure that staff  are saving their work on the server, where you know its being backed up.  As it’s not uncommon to find individuals backing up onto a USB key.

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