Does your Internet speed cut it

Does your Internet speed cut it or as with many new businesses we assist these days ; Speed & Reliability is a continual bug bear for many and completely debilitating for others.

In a lot of cases the client was at the mercy of the local exchange in terms of what speed was available to them and in others they just weren’t aware that better services were available until we checked.

The problem that all businesses have, particularly in the Media & Creative arena, is that nearly every individual is carrying at least one or two internet connected device as well as the Mac or PC they use for work.

There are many software packages that are tied to cloud services now and with the IoT (Internet of Things) well underway and new internet reliant devices flooding the market everyday.. bandwidth gets sucked up at an alarming rate. Most businesses are feeling the slow down, particularly if you have managed on ADSL / BT infinity type connection up to now.

Upgrading the internet connection to dedicated fibre now, can be one of the best decisions you could make. In every instance one of our clients has moved from ADSL to a dedicated fibre the result has made a huge difference to productivity and gave them the availability to use other cutting edge technologies, VoIP and cloud services.

In the Central London area there are some really good deals to be had for dedicated synchronous internet. And by that I mean 50Mbps Up & Down. 100Mbps Up & Down, or greater. With many providers no longer charging installation if you tie in to a 3 year deal.

Tangible benefits have been happier staff,  not frustrated by the afternoon slow down. Senior staff and teams that travel have the ability to connect remotely and work unhindered or simply grab files or credentials to share with clients.

Also from an IT support perspective it allows us to remote in and work much more efficiently, squashing problems in realtime, without the flickering mouse pointer or spinning wheel of death.

If you would like help with finding a better internet solution, get in touch, it’s free to ask and we can give you some options. or call us on 0203 808 7676