Is your information completely safe in the cloud?

The most truthful answer is no. Nothing is completely secure when the object has a price tag, whether that be in the currency of pounds, dollars, bitcoin or hacking kudos. But was there ever a lock that was completely impenetrable or a piece of software that wasn’t in some way exploited ?

I read in recent research, that business customers in the region of 40% are concerned about exactly where their data resides in a public cloud? Which in many ways is obvious to ask, but if a cloud provider were to actually answer the question, I’d be concerned. That information

What we do know, is that Cloud providers are spending a lot of revenue on security and encryption. Rightly so.  After all public cloud would be a business model flushed away if it wasn’t ahead of the curve in terms of security. This should bring us some comfort and that many providers have ISO compliance beyond the point that most SME’s could either afford the staff or time to achieve.

It’s natural to have feelings of uncertainty, when all your precious data resides at an unknown location. On an unknown partition, next to who knows, on a server somewhere. But my personal feeling, is that Cloud is the safest place for it. Let’s face it, for hackers to find your assets, it would be like trawling through an ocean of information with a hand net. Most hackers are opportunists, the same as car thieves. We can look to nature for reassurance. There’s safety in numbers. Any salmon would tell you so.